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Visit our Online Store to view the products that we have available, and check back often for products that will be coming soon.

A specified amount of money from

is donated to the charities listed below:

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)
Halton Down Syndrome Association

Current Items Available:

Official T-shirt:

100% Cotton

Available in Kids S, M & L for $17.00 (shipping & donation included)


Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL for $22.50 (shipping & donation included)

Official Helmet Sticker #1:

3″ x 1″ Saw Logo Helmet Sticker

$2.50 (shipping & donation included)


Official Helmet Sticker #2:

2″ Round patch logo

$2.50 (shipping & donation included)




Official Company Patch:

$10.00 (shipping & donation included)

items that will be added in the near future will include winter hats, hoodies. Email us if you have any other apparel ideas!

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We specialize in the basic fundamentals of firefighting. While we believe that hazardous materials, terrorism, emergency medical and the various rescue disciplines are essential parts of the Fire Service, we also think that the basic fundamentals of firefighting have been overlooked in recent years. We are here to help turn that trend in the other direction.

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