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In April of 2011, Brotherhood Instructors conducted 3 days of "Beyond the Academy: Forcible Entry Operations" training at the IPIQ training facility in Laval Quebec.  The IPIQ is the province wide training facility for all career firefighters in Quebec and roughly translates to: "Institute for the Protection Against the Fires of Quebec".  After class last year we toured several City of Montreal firehouses and discovered that the forcible entry tools provided by the department were somewhat lacking – 3 piece pinned halligans and pick head axes.  After the three days of training we left feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment that we were able to share our forcible entry knowledge and experiences with firefighters that were so eager to learn and put these techniques to use. 

We began to realize that we had made an impact when we received this photo from Captain Mart Corriveau of the Montreal Fire Department! 






Shortly after receiving the above photo we came across this photo from a fire in Montreal.  1 piece halligan, flat head axe, and the gap and cut technique that we review in our course!  The member on the right in the blue helmet had attended the class.  Thanks to for the use of the picture.

We were in invited back this year to conduct our "Beyond the Academy: Advanced Forcible Entry Ops" course for the academy staff as well as an open enrollment forcible entry weekend course.  We were pleased to hear that since our course last year, the City of Montreal has equipped each of its companies with a 1 piece drop forged halligan and flat head axe.  The instructors at the IPIQ facility have also begun integrating hands-on forcible entry training into their recruit school.  The academy purchased two door props from H & R Machine and now teaches students to force inward and outward opening doors.  Forcible entry scenarios are then integrated in everything from EMS training to RIT scenarios. 

We would like to thank the IPIQ for having us out to teach their academy staff  We are extremely proud that our teachings will now be passed along to every firefighter in the province of Quebec.  We hope that these techniques serve you well on the fireground and improve your abilities to serve your communities. 


  • Gadget 139 says:

    The skills and techniques you teach work. Period. This weekends course was my second dose of BHI reality, and I'll take as much as I can get. In 33 degree heat like this past weekend or not, on fathers day or not, on my own dime or not. Every second of what you guys teach is an investment that pays off on the fireground.

    As you mentioned, the FE tools provided for our brothers in Montreal were lacking on your first visit in 2011. Unfortunately, that is the reality in most departments in our province, save a few. Fiberglass pike poles, 3 piece halligans, and pick head axes abound. Outboard mounted saws are few and far between.

    I'm glad to see that the City of Montreal has embraced the tools and techniques that BHI brought up in 2011. I hope that the methods of the Montreal FD and the IPIQ make their way to the ENPQ (Quebec Fire Fighters School), the provincial government entity responsible for determining the curriculum and content of the training to certify the vast majority of part time, paid on call, and volunteer firefighters in Quebec.

    It was an honor training with your crew again.

    The fire service has a truck load of catch phrases. But Brass threw one out on Sunday that hit me like the fork of the halligan on the door prop: "Aim not only to be effective, but to be efficient." Those ten words are now printed on the underside of the brim of my helmet. I'll see them every time I put my lid on.

    Sincere regards and stay safe.

  • Bruno Lamarre says:

    Thanks for those great comments. It has taken some time, but we are making headway. Thanks once again, I had a blast, and it was well worth all the hard work that went in to making this past weekend a reality. My good friend Jack (soon to be Capt) Rousseau, Montréal FD, stn 29, as been pushing for this for a few years. He is the man that brought BHI to Québec. Bravo Jack, et merci.

    Bruno Lamarre

  • Sharing knowledge about the best course of action in dangerous situations is a great way to continue to move forward and continuing to become more knowledgeable about new and innovative fire fighting. tools. I am sure that the techniques and tips you provided in "Beyond the Academy: Forcible Entry Operations" help save a life thank you.

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