Forcible Entry – The Bam Bam Tool – By: Paul Hoekema

There are numerous ways to manipulate an American Series 2000 type lock to force entry (hockey puck locks with the key way on the rim of the lock not the face).  You can cut the lock ¾ opposite of the keyway, you can cut the rail above and below the lock and bend the rail out of the way, or you can use a pipe wrench and twist the lock off (if it doesn’t have a guard) just to name a few.  What happens if you’re on an engine and you don’t have all the tools that the truck carries to force these locks?  A simple solution to your problem is the Bam Bam tool.  The Bam Bam tool doesn’t take up much space and allows you to start forcible entry on American Series 2000 type locks until the truck arrives.  The Bam Bam tool utilizes a hardened screw to screw into the key way of the lock and a handle that slides along the shaft of the tool.  It is important to make sure that the screw is hardened.  If it isn’t then the screw may not screw into the lock cylinder, or when you go to force the cylinder the threads of the screw may strip causing the screw to come out of the cylinder without forcing the lock. 

To force the lock using the Bam Bam tool you need to place the screw in the center of the key way and begin to screw the tool into place.  It may take a few seconds to get the screw to bite into the cylinder, but once it does you want to screw it in about 3/16ths to ¼ of an inch into the cylinder.  It is about 4 or 5 threads deep into the cylinder.  You want to screw it in this deep so that you don’t strip the threads when you go to force the lock.  It is important to keep the Bam Bam tool as strait as possible while you are screwing it into position, so that the screw bites into the cylinder evenly giving it a better bite into the cylinder.  Once the screw is set you need to hold the Bam Bam tool with one hand while the other slides the handle back and forth along the shaft of the tool to force the cylinder and the pin of the lock out.  After the cylinder and pin is pulled out remove the lock. Don't forget to pull the pins after forcing the locks!

Using the Bam Bam tool would not be my first option for forcing American 2000 series type locks, but is something good to have in your bag of tricks when other methods of forcible entry can’t be used or are not available.  This method will not work on the American Lock 2500 Series.


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