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Pulling Mortise Lock Cylinders

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Mortise locks are commonly found in commercial and residential buildings.  Many mortise locks are installed with a trim plate on the door that has predrilled holes for the lock cylinder and door knob.  Keep in mind that these are trim plates, not cylinder guards.  These trim plates are hollow and can easily be dented in […]

Why Search That Building – By: Scott Brown

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We respond to building fires daily in the fire service and the assignment of primary search has taken a back seat.  Primary search is a critical benchmark and essential task to be completed.  This task should be simultaneously completed with line placement and proper ventilation!  Remember that line placement and primary search save lives; isn’t […]

Bevel to the… door? jamb?

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The debate among firefighters over the correct way to set the halligan is as common as the age old smooth-bore vs. fog nozzle debate.  Both techniques, much like the nozzles, have their time and place.  Setting the halligan with the bevel of the fork towards the door is the correct and most efficient technique in […]

Covered Skylights – By: Chris Collier

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We have done numerous articles about skylights, here is another.  These building features can be an asset to firefighters assigned to the roof as a means for quick ventilation.  Their location, many times above the interior stairs, makes them an ideal vertical ventilation location.  Relieving the interior stairs of smoke will help civilians evacuate, possibly […]

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We specialize in the basic fundamentals of firefighting. While we believe that hazardous materials, terrorism, emergency medical and the various rescue disciplines are essential parts of the Fire Service, we also think that the basic fundamentals of firefighting have been overlooked in recent years. We are here to help turn that trend in the other direction.

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