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“Chalk Talk” Forcible Entry Size-up – By: Andrew Brassard

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Growing up I played lacrosse, not the typical hockey that most Canadian kids played. I was fortunate enough to play at a very high level and had the privilege of playing for some great coaches.  They taught me not only about the game of lacrosse but great lessons about life that I carried over into […]

Memorial Day

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The staff of Brotherhood Instructors, LLC would like to take a moment to thank the men and women of our Armed Forces for their dedication and selfless service to their country.  We hope everyone has a safe weekend while keeping the true meaning of Memorial Day in mind – honoring the men and women who […]

“Slipping Through the Cracks” – By: Josh Materi

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Does this look familiar?  Have you been to a fire where companies failed to remove bars off the windows?  I am sure by now we all understand how important this is to the safety of our members operating inside, much less the occupants that are cut off by fire.  So what’s the problem?    Is […]

The Truth About Nozzles – By: Rob Feltwell & Chris Collier

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The following article was written based on research conducted by the authors in the summer of 2010.  Our hope is to educate the fire service with real facts about nozzles.  Feel free to add your questions, comments, and suggestions.  Click any of the pictures to open the article.                […]

Video – Engine Ops: Nozzle & Back-up Techniques

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The latest addition to our video training series focuses on the importance of a well coordinated nozzle team.  In this video Nate DeMarse and Chris Collier demonstrate effective nozzle and back-up firefighter techniques.  In this video a 2 1/2" line equipped with a smooth bore nozzle with a 1 1/8" tip was used.  At 50 […]

History of Lock Pulling Tools

Here is a great article by Nate Jamison from Midwest Firefighter about the history of lock pulling tools.  There are a few variations of these stories out there and I'm sure each has its own unique blend of history, urban legend, and firehouse rumor.  Thanks for letting us share your work Nate. Sunila Tool Invented […]

Video – Roof Operations: Openting Scuttle & Skylight Returns

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Ventilating Skylights 12/26/2010

Power Saw Decompression Valves – By: Andrew Brassard

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There are a tremendous amount of myths and misconceptions that circle in the fire service about the decompression valve on rotary saws.  Some of these myths and misconceptions can lead to a lack of saw performance and or and inability to put the saw into action when it is needed most. What is a Decompression […]

Why the Framing Square Sucks – By: Chris Collier

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The framing square doesn’t actually suck; it’s a great tool if you are building a house.  When it comes to forcible entry, the framing square has no place on the fireground.  The fire service has enough trouble with the basics.  Further diluting the basics with “whiz-bang” tricks like the framing square only accelerates the erosion […]

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Brotherhood Instructors Blog

We specialize in the basic fundamentals of firefighting. While we believe that hazardous materials, terrorism, emergency medical and the various rescue disciplines are essential parts of the Fire Service, we also think that the basic fundamentals of firefighting have been overlooked in recent years. We are here to help turn that trend in the other direction.

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Power Saw Decompression Valves – By: Andrew Brassard
I have a question for you, is there any problem with leaving your chainsaw stored on the truck with the decompression valve pushed in? Wondering if moisture in the chamber might be an issue? We are attempting to be a little more efficient when it comes to our saws, but I can't seem to find…
2014-09-19 23:35:39
Firefighters and the Risk of Asbestos Exposure – Mark Hall, Guest Blogger
If you don't then it could end up costing you quite a lot to get new Husqvarna chain saw parts to exchange those that are damaged. An electric chainsaw is by far the cheaper model tto run. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with this little guy.
2014-08-18 14:37:18
Gregory Hurd
Contact Us
I am the chief of training for the chillicothe fire department and I am interested in the Man-in-Machines class. Do you have any instructors in Illinois that could help us with this.
2014-04-08 15:10:43
David Baker
Rex Tool Modification – Part 2 By: Andrew Brassard
You prefer the Morris "Lil-Rex" to the Adz-Rex?
2014-03-04 06:21:59
David Baker
Rex Tool Modification by Andrew Brassard
Is the adz and Morris attachments equally effective? I carry the pig on my belt so it is always with me, so I was think of getting the lil-Rex (Morris/spike) tool.
2014-03-04 06:18:10

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