Replacement Doors

Replacement or insert doors can pose a challenge when forcing entry.  These doors come with a thin frame around them that is inserted into the existing door jam.  This alleviates the need to replace the entire door jam and is much quicker.  When forcing entry on these doors it is imperative that the tool be set between the door and the replacement frame (red arrow), not in the seem between the replacement frame and the door jam (white arrow). 

When gapping the door with the adz of the halligan be sure to place the tool to the door about 8 inches from the door jam and slide the tool along the door to the jam.  This will ensure that the tool is flat against the door and help ensure it is in the correct position.  If you learn to do this when conditions are good it will become habit and happen naturally when forcing doors in a limited vision environment.  The same procedure can be done with the fork end of the halligan after the door has been gapped. 

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