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Over the last few months Brotherhood Instructors Co-Owner Kevin Legacy has been working with the Aazel Corporation on making a wide adz halligan.  We have discussed the benefits of the wide adz and how to make this modification to a standard halligan previously.  The Aazel Corporation is now making a halligan with a one piece molded wide adz rather than the present firehouse modification. 

These pictures show how the wide adz can be used to force an inward swinging door without setting the forks.  The wide adz allows the door to be pried further during the "gap" phase of the forcible entry operation.  Once the door is gapped enough that the front edge of the door clears the back edge of the jam, the axe or a wood chock can be used to maintain the purchase.  Then, the adz can be re-set behind the jam to complete forcing the door.

This technique is excellent for forcing a door with only one firefighter or in a limited visibility environment.  For more information about this new wide adz halligan visit:  Aazel Wide Adz Halligan

Keep in mind that the door may release at any time during the forcible entry operation and always be prepared to control the door.  












  • Nate DeMarse says:

    Kent Bedford from Australia had a great question (that I think many firefighters may have), so we shared it here:

    Nate – have you found any situations where the standard Pro-Bar might be better than the Wide Adz Halligan? As in – are there any disadvantages of the Wide Adz?

    Kent, there are a couple of disadvantages but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for most. One disadvantage is when forcing a heavily secured and tight outward opening door, it will be harder to drive the adz into the gap to set the tool because there is more material that you are working to drive through the door. I prefer the standard halligan for outward opening doors. If I know I will be working in an "outside-team" capacity, those halligans are best set up as standard halligans. Inside team halligan tools are really where the wide-adz will show it's true advantage.

    With that said, if you widen the adz too much, you need a "Plan-B" for through the lock operations. If your only through-the-lock tool is a K-Tool, you may not be able to fit the adz of the halligan through the loop on the back of the K-Tool any longer (you need to check that). A simple modification of welding a pipe on the top of the K-Tool loop (similar to the one shown here:… then you can use the pike of the halligan to pull the cylinder.

    The wide-adz halligan is a great asset. If going to the floor above, the last place you want to be is stuck in a hallway forcing a door in zero-visibility and high heat for very long. This modification will allow you to pop most doors in a couple of steps, instead of going through all of the conventional motions. As always, this doesn't always work, and firefighters STILL need to fall back on their professional forcible entry skills when it doesn't.

    Hope that answers your question brother. Stay safe!

  • Kent Bedford says:

    Many thanks Nate – you've answered the question well. It looks like a very useful tool in an urban situation, and it would certainly be the tool of choice for working inside apartment blocks – is going to make life easier for you guys in your H blocks and other tenements etc. Kent

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