Entering a Window for VES – By: Kevin Legacy

Tools – 6’hook or pike pole & Halligan

After making a door out of the window and waiting a few seconds for the room to react to the air changes you have made, and if conditions permit, it’s time to go in.  Before making the move you want to sweep under the window with your hook checking for victims and a solid floor. Hang the hook end on the windowsill with the other end inside the window. This is your reference point guiding you back to your exit.  When entering you want to step into the window whenever possible. One leg at a time straddling the window sill keeping your torso outside until your sure you can commit. This way if conditions change for the worse you can step out. If you feel the need to go in the window head first due to a high heat condition that makes it unbearable to step in the window with your full PPE on use extreme caution. If conditions didn’t improve after taking the window this is not the place you want to be due to the high likely hood that it’s only going to get worse. Remember you need to get yourself to the interior door and close it so you can make that temporary barrier that will give you a little more time to search.  Also, if the heat is such that you can’t step in the likelyhood someone is alive in that room severely diminishes. Only experience and training will help you read the conditions properly so when the time comes you are successful. That cannot be done from a keyboard.


  • "That cannot be done from a keyboard." That's a profound statement in this day and age!

  • Wayne Benner says:

    Im glad this post is out.
    I recently took a course on VES where they wanted 2 to enter the room and the method of entering was not mentioned or shown and when the students began their drills they would stand high in the window , not sound floor.
    Im not taking away from the other instructors, I just wanted to point out that everything should be explained.

    So for that Thank You Kevin and BHI for the info.

  • Fya Fyighta says:

    I second that last comment!!

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