The Aazel “Monster” Halligan

The Aazel Corporation sent Brotherhood Instructors their new “Monster” Halligan to test. This tool has been developed in conjunction with Brotherhood Instructors, LLC’s Co-Owner Kevin Legacy and the Aazel Corporation. The “monster” adz is molded from Kevin’s modification to the standard adz. In addition to the wide adz this halligan also comes standard with the shoulders of the fork squared off so it can be used as a striking surface in limited visibility or confined space forcible entry situations. The forks are also thinner than those of other halligans to allow the tool to be set easier between the door and the jam. This tool performs great, stay tuned for a full length product review as well as pictures and video of the tool in action.


  • Hayden says:

    How does the adz do when trying to get an outward swinging door? Any problems setting the tool?


    • Hayden, I have been using modified halligans with the wide adz for a few years and have found them to be very useful on inward and outward swinging doors. The biggest problem with the in house modifications is that sometimes guys make the adz too thick while trying to make it wider. This tool seems to have just the right balance of strength without being overly thick.

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