We Don’t Have Those Around Here – By: Chris Collier

“We don’t have those around here” is a statement often heard when discussing Fox Locks in our forcible entry classes. Just because you have never seen one doesn’t mean they are not around or aren’t on the way.

The Fox Police Lock Company started making this horizontal bar style lock known as the “Fox Lock” in the early 1900′s. The company remained in business until 2002 selling these locks, among others. The Fox Lock became popular because of its security, simplicity, and ease of installation. These characteristics stand true today and make the Fox Lock sought after by property owners and a forcible entry challenge to firefighters.

The Progressive Hardware Company now makes an almost identical lock. These locks are available on various websites, including eBay, for about $180. All it takes to bring one of these locks to your area is a security conscious business or home owner with an internet connection. These locks also come as an option on new pre-hung metal doors.

Both the Progressive and Fox models can be identified from the outside by the two sets of off-set bolt heads and the lock cylinder in the center of the door with the heavy duty cylinder guard. These locks cab be installed on both inward and outward swinging doors.

The best forcible entry method for these locks is through the lock. To remove the lock cylinder you must first place the adz of the Halligan between the door and the cylinder guard and sheer off 3 of the bolts. Once this is done you can spin the cylinder guard out of the way and pull the lock cylinder with your K-tool or Rex tool. You will notice the stem on the back of the cylinder is square for the first 1/2″ (approx) and the rest is round. The square base of the stem indicates that we need to use the 5/32″ square key tool that comes with the K-tool and Rex tool to manipulate this lock into the open position.

If you find yourself on the inside of a door with a Fox Lock be sure to pull the knob in the center away from the door when trying to unlock the lock. The stem connected to the knob has a square shaft in the center of it that fits around the square stem on the back of the lock cylinder. You have to pull the knob to pull the spring loaded stem away from the cylinder to allow it to operate from the inside.


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