Roof Operations: The 7-9-8 Ventilation Cut

Brotherhood Instructors, LLC’s Chris Collier demonstrates safe fireground tactics and procedures to systematically open a flat-roof utilizing a power saw. The same techniques can be used on a slight pitched peaked-roof as well.

The 7-9-8 Ventilation cut provides a preset plan for conducting a cut. Far too often when members cut a roof, they “make each cut up as they go”. This cut will provide a plan-of-attack for each flat-roof that is opened. The design of this cut, and the steps that each cut is performed inherently keeps the firefighter from stepping inside the cut segments, thus increasing safety.

Also note that before the cut is started or between each cut, the blade is stopped on the roof. This increases safety and drastically decreases (nearly eliminates) the potential of a firefighter to be cut by a free-spinning power saw blade. One of our biggest pet peeves of common power saw operations is the firefighter that stands upright between cuts while “gunning” the saw. “Gunning the Saw” is a downright dangerous practice that CAN and WILL cause an injury. If you have to “gun” the saw to keep it running, you should have taken the saw out of service at the morning rig check!

By practicing these techniques and the systematic 7-9-8 ventilation cut, your operation will become more efficient, safer and more professional. This video was shot on a REAL ROOF, and the entire video is only 2 minutes and 18 seconds long (including video stops for slides and the intro and closing).

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