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Skylights – By Chris Collier

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Allowing the smoke to lift in the hallway and stairs will assist civilians with evacuation and firefighters make their way in. This will allow the forcible entry team to more easily locate and force the door to the fire area.

FDNY: Taxpayer Fire Discussion – By Nate DeMarse

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Note how the first-due engine (95) approached slowly and pulled past the building allowing room for the first due ladder company. It is equally important to note that the first due truck (36, an aerial ladder) also stayed out of the way so that a tower ladder (TL-46, 2nd due) could get position…

Roof Operations: The 7-9-8 Ventilation Cut

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The 7-9-8 Ventilation cut provides a preset plan for conducting a cut. Far too often when members cut a roof, they “make each cut up as they go”. This cut will provide a plan-of-attack for each flat-roof that is opened.

Saw Fuel – By Kevin Legacy

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Issues with fuel has been a major concern of manufacturers of two-cycle equipment since I first started using, repairing and teaching on the subject in 1986.  Using old or expired gasoline, improper mix and improper carburetor adjusting have cost manufacturers, equipment owners and operators tremendous amounts of money.  I started researching this topic a few […]

The American Series 2000 Padlock – By Nate Demarse

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A new youtube video has been posted to our channel. Subscribe to us or become friends with us on Youtube.

Door Control – By Chris Collier

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Door control is probably the least fun part of forcible entry, but one of the most important. Lets be honest, most doors we force do not have fire directly behind them. When forcing a door for a utility emergency, medical run, alarm investigation and the such is door control really that important? I think so. If you get in the habit of doing it every time you force a door it will be second nature when it really matters.

Newark, New Jersey: Aggressive Engine Company Operations – By Nate DeMarse

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We are often asked why we don’t post more “engine stuff”. I think the main reason is due to the lack of first-arriving or simultaneous arriving video cameras with the first due companies, and of the first-due footage that is available only a fraction of it is usable for teaching aggressive engine operations.

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Brotherhood Instructors Blog

We specialize in the basic fundamentals of firefighting. While we believe that hazardous materials, terrorism, emergency medical and the various rescue disciplines are essential parts of the Fire Service, we also think that the basic fundamentals of firefighting have been overlooked in recent years. We are here to help turn that trend in the other direction.

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Firefighters and the Risk of Asbestos Exposure – Mark Hall, Guest Blogger
Being a firefighter must be real tough job, thanks for giving us an insight about the many risks in that field.
2014-01-16 09:04:59
carroll price
Power Saw Decompression Valves – By: Andrew Brassard
Some smaller chainsaws like the Stihl 025 are very hard to start because they are not equipped with a compression relief valve. Anyone who owns one of these saws will probably tell you that it was not as hard to start when new as it became later on. My theory, as to why this happens,…
2013-12-23 18:04:43
Chris Cahoon
Another Rex Tool Modification – By: Andrew Brassard
Andrew, I am looking to have this mod done. The first thing I need to do is purchase a Rex Tool. Do you recommend getting the original Rex and cut the handle of as you have done here or buy the Lil Rex and try to modify that version? Thanks bro, Chris
2013-02-03 15:34:13
History of Lock Pulling Tools
I cant believe how quickly things have moved on. Imagine how things will have moved in the next 100 years. wow. Remember cassette tapes... people will be saying.. remember ipads hahaha
2012-09-03 06:12:14
Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawsuits The Best Asbestos Lawyer
Firefighters and the Risk of Asbestos Exposure – Mark Hall, Guest Blogger
[...] exposure, ask your doctor about asbestos, cancer and other health complications.Create a video blog Bruce Peters asked: Exposure to asbestos can lead to the development of serious health problems late...s, were exposed to asbestos at some point during their occupational history. A number of occupations [...]
2012-08-15 12:36:40

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