November 14th, 2010 – Centre Wellington, Ontario – Beyond the Academy: Advanced Forcible Entry Operations Class Photos

On Sunday November 14th, 2010, Brotherhood Instructors, LLC conducted an open enrollment Beyond the Academy: Advanced Forcible Entry Operations hosted by the Centre Wellington Fire Department in Fergus, Ontario.

28 members were in attendance from 12 fire departments across Ontario. Fire departments in attendance were: Port Colborne Fire Department, Owen Sound Fire and Emergancy Services, London Fire Department, Welleslly Township Fire Department, Grand Vally Fire Department, Vaughan Fire and Emergancy Services, Mississauga Fire and Emergancy Services, Mapleton Fire Department, Centre Wellington Fire Department, Caledon Fire and Emergancy Services, King City Fire Department and the Nobleton Fire Department.

Rotations & Topics Included:

Conventional Forcible Entry:
Inward Opening Doors with angle-iron guard
Inward Opening Doors (baseball bat swing)
Outward Opening Doors with shield guard (covering gap)
Inward Opening Doors in a confined space (base of a stairway)
Inward Opening Doors in a confined space with zero-visibility
Defeating carriage-bolts with the irons
Defeating slide-bolts (4 different methods)

Power Saw Operations:
Comprehensive saw discussion
Changing the saw blade from the normal to “outboard” position
Perform multiple cuts on multiple window bar props with both saw configurations
Perform cuts on a roll-down gate/garage door simulator
Perform cuts on dead-bolts of an outward opening door
Perform cuts on a foot-bolt of an outward opening door
Perform cuts on carriage bolts (drop-bar) on an outward opening door

Other Rotations Include:
Multiple cuts with a cutting torch in various torch orientations
Inward Opening Door with a hydraulic forcible entry tool

For those that attended, we would love to hear what you have to say about our NEWEST edition to our courses. Please let us know. If you would like to host this, or any other course at your fire department, contact us at We guarantee you will not regret it!

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