Standpipe Setups – By Chris Collier

This is one of many ways to carry standpipe setups. This setup uses four 50 lengths of 2 hose packed in a horseshoe and a bag. The horseshoes can be placed over the scba bottle for hands free carrying which allows us to bring our forcible entry tools with us. If you use a setup similar to this what do you keep in your bag and why?

This bag contains:
-in line pressure gauge
-1 to 2 increaser
-2 smooth bore nozzle
-standpipe valve operating wheel
-spanner wrench
-chocks-2 cap
-18 pipe wrench


  • @hybridmedic says:

    We use a single section of 100' section of 2-1/2 with a thread adapter and a single 100' section of 1-3/4 with a gated wye. Our standpipe nozzle is a Chief 200 GPM nozzle with a removable fog tip. The 1st engine also carries two spare air bottles, a spanner wrench, and a set of forcible entry tools.

  • Chris Wilson- Bloomingdale Fire says:

    We utilize a similar set up execept for our hose lengths. With only having 3 man minimums for our engine company we had custom 75′ lengths of 2.5″ built for us. It was a minimum increase to the overall weight but allowed us to deploy a stretch that will reach any apartment in all of our complexes. Most distributors will custom build lengths of hose at no extra cost, they however might have a minimum requirement on the number of feet needed to fill the order.

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