The Brotherhood Instructors, LLC. Training Blog is BACK!

We have decided to relaunch our Online Drills area of our website once again. Over the past year, we have been utilizing our Facebook page (right side-bar) as a drill medium. We liked the Facebook medium because everyone was FORCED to “own-up” to everything they wrote by name. However, we were very limited to ONLY facebook users to the drills. We wanted to bring this resource back to EVERYONE that is interested. We will still be utilizing our Facebook page, and if you are a Facebook user, we would love to have you on board there as well.

We will still moderate this blog very heavily, standing by our previous rules of no unsigned posts or posts that simply bash tactics and/or provide no skillful learning to the reader.

We welcome everyone back, and hope that you will jump into the discussions, ask questions and contribute. We are thrilled to be working with Fire/EMS Blogs and appreciate their patience and technological assistance in getting this blog back in action.

We will be posting regular drills and articles, videos, training segments, and sharing email questions that are sent to us by our brothers and sisters in the fire service. We will post links to photos from past classes and upcoming classes as they become available. Let us know what kind of drills that you would like to see, or if there are any other components to this training format that you would like.

Thank you for your time and stay safe! We look forward to working with you once again!


Andrew Brassard
Kevin LeGacy
Curt DeMarse
Nate DeMarse
Co-Owners, Brotherhood Instructors, LLC.


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